Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lego Masonic Lodge

Work continues on Mattville and every good town & city needs a Masonic Lodge so I started work on one for my town.
The basic look of the lodge was easy enough, but the actual design of the individual parts was tricky. It is hard to see in the photo below but the alter is actually two smooth plates on two grills, it looks good but it is hard to see. I added alternating white & black vents to the floor to give the look of a checkerboard design. I do not have enough 2x2 smooth plates to do it that way.
The Master of the lodge sits in the East - I used an arch with yellow bricks to give the appearance of a sun rising, the cylinder pieces were added to give some variety to the design. The alter design is also viewable below.
The Senior Warden sits in the West and has less decor behind him. The door to the lodge is on the right with various instruments stored next to it.
Rather than use the chairs for every seat, I used them for the officers only and made a bench for the regular members of the lodge to sit. Right now I am using two peg slants to make arm rests but I have an idea to improve them that I hope to implement soon.
Out side the lodge I made a makeshift square and compass - it is not the best solution but it was one I came up with to give the outside some character. I also used small vents to break up the solidness of the walls - my next addition with be a small cover above the door.
That is is, the first raft of the lodge. I already have some better ideas that I am looking forward to adding and will update with new photos when I am done.

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